Hello there, curious minds! Here's a quick guide to our rules for this awesome learning space:

  1. Be Kind and Respectful: Treat everyone with respect—like you'd want to be treated. We're all here to learn and grow together.

  2. Enjoy the Learning Orchard: Our courses are like knowledge trees. Grab the fruits, but remember, they grow from the roots of wisdom. Respect where the info comes from!

  3. Fair Play in Transactions: Keep things fair when you're getting or giving. 

  4. Use Good Online Manners: When you're chatting or posting, be nice. This is a safe space for learning, not a battlefield.

  5. Privacy Matters: Your info is super safe with us. We guard it like a treasure chest. Your secrets and progress are your own.

  6. Own Your Actions: What you do here matters. Be responsible for your words and actions. They create a kind of cosmic ripple.

  7. If It Ends, It Ends Gracefully: If you need to leave, no hard feelings. End things with respect. Lessons stay, even if the connection changes.