Sweet Tea & Secrets: Our Privacy Pledge, Darlin'

Hey y'all, bless your heart for joining' our cozy corner of wisdom. Your privacy is as sacred as Grandma's sweet pie recipe. Let's talk about how we keep things as sweet

**1. Your Personal place: Your info is your own, like the secret ingredient in a mint julep. We only collect what's needed to make this learning porch feel like home. No prying, we promise.

**2. Fort Knox Fortitude: Think of our website as a Southern plantation with sturdy fences. We've got the latest tech drawbridge to guard against any pesky critters trying to sneak in and peek at your data.

**3. Southern Belle's Secret Garden: Your details are like pearls – precious and meant for you alone. We wouldn't dream of sharing, selling, or trading 'em. It's our little secret garden.

**4. Biscuit & vegan Butter (Cookies Policy): Like biscuits and butter at Sunday supper, we use cookies for a smoother experience. They don't track you outside our porch. Manage 'em like you do your biscuit count.

**5. Gentle Breezes of Communication: We might drop you a sweet note – updates, course news, or just to say hey. We won't be bombardin' you. You're the queen of your inbox, and you can opt out whenever you fancy.

**6. Farewell with Southern Grace: If you decide to mosey on, your data rides off into the sunset with you. No clingin' on like Spanish moss on a live oak. Just give us a holler, and we'll wave you off with grace.

**7. Bless the Young'uns: Our courses are tailor-made for grown-up belles. If you're younger , darlin', this porch ain't for you just yet.